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     - Training in cultural intelligence

     - Organizational change management

     - Curriculum and workshop design

    Adaptive challenges need adaptive approaches.

    The world is changing so rapidly and you want to keep up. But you don't have the tools and know-how... 

    We will walk with you every step of the "change" process providing you with the appropriate tools and helping you to utilize the skills you already have.  Our approach is personalized, contextualized and solutions focused.....  


    Check out Chris's handbook: 

    Build your neighbour: Dismantle the myths

    A "free" offer for churches

    Chris will do a  free workshop on "Developing intercultural comptence" with your congregation.


    Participants will have an opportunity to purchase his book after the workshop. 

    TRANSFORMATIVE:   Our philosophy: Know - learn - transform.

    SOLUTIONS FOCUSED:  Learning4change is about seeking solutions, not just providing services.​

    STRATEGIC: We help organizations develop well thought out, contextualized strategies that optimize resources and maximize effectiveness.


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