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Whether it's designing new curriculum and workshops, training or coaching, our passion is to help catalyze transformative change. Doing this is in a way that empowers people and draws out their full potential is what we strive for.  


Bringing together diaspora and indigenous leaders to facilitate reconciliation.


SL4given is a voluntary organization in Toronto, Canada and is engaged in reconciliation efforts between different ethnic groups in the Sri Lankan diaspora. We had the privilege to work alongside this team to design the workshops, program and flow of their summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka which turned out to be a landmark, game-changing event impacting the future of the people of that island.




A full course consists of six learning workshops (modules) that may be taken over two full days. Practical in-class assignments done individually and in small groups, reinforce the learning process and helps participants apply what they learn immediately.


We can tailor our modules to meet your particular organizational need.


Transformative learning tools


We believe that knowledge alone does not produce change. However, knowledge when applied in a community of learning where people hold each other accountable, does. Our curriculum designs integrate these three components into a holistic learning experience for adults.

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