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Transformational change

Learning4change is in the business of catalyzing change in people’s lives and organizations. We do this by creating learning environments and processes that nurture transformational change, from the inside out. We believe that knowledge by itself does not produce change.


Learning4change operates on a simple principle. Transformational change is achieved by an intentional and consistent interaction between Awareness (knowledge), Application and Accountability (learning in community) ©.


"The only constant is change" is a quote attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher in 500 B.C.  It’s true today and will be in the future too. Our bodies, the environment, in fact everything and everyone, (except God, if you believe in one) change, constantly. But how do we ensure that this change is intentional, positive and transformational?              

 What does this look like in practice? Let’s apply this to an everyday example; exercise and wellbeing.



Awareness: There is no disagreement that exercise is good for you, keeps sickness away, extends your lifespan,

increases wellbeing etc. We know this. In fact, there’s a vast body of knowledge, research and anecdotal evidence to

prove a positive correlation between exercise and wellbeing.


Application: To convert this knowledge into actually producing wellbeing, one has to exercise; apply this knowledge,

consistently. Unless you are highly motivated and/or disciplined, sustaining exercise as we all know can be an “on now/off

again” experience for most of us. This is where the third component plays an important role in producing the change that

we desire.


Accountability: Holding ourselves accountable to someone or a group of people ensures the consistency that is needed

to convert good intentions into great outcomes. Particularly in our “individualistic” western culture, accountability seems

to be one of the key “missing” components in converting knowledge into change.


At we design processes that produce change; whether in the lives of individuals or organizations

or communities.


Chris Pullenayegem, consultant and coach considers himself a catalyst for change. With his vast experience in holding senior positions in private, not-for-profit and public sectors, Chris understands how organizations function, or don’t.  The architect of many change processes, he has helped individuals and organizations find their way through confusion, uncertainty and chaos, to meaning, purpose and greater effectiveness. His international exposure, strategic and analytical mind and pragmatic approach to problem solving makes him a great resource and companion for individuals and organizations needing assistance in establishing direction and strategies to achieve excellence.


Chris is also a master trainer and facilitator and especially gifted at making learning fun and creative. His knowledge of cross cultural dynamics has helped many to understand and develop competencies in this area, one that is becoming increasingly important in the North American context.


He can be reached at or by phone at 647 993 3871. To view and download a brochure detailing what he offers, click 




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